How it works

How does coaching work?

Coaching sessions can take place over the phone or in-person. Many clients prefer coaching in-person. For Cayman Islands clients who prefer in-person sessions, confidential coaching sessions take place at the BHAC office in Central George Town, Grand Cayman.

Many coaching sessions take place over the phone. This saves time for clients, since there is no travel time, and allows for greater flexibility in scheduling. Over-the-phone coaching enables a focused, enhanced communication between the coach and the client, and is highly practical from a time-management standpoint. Phone coaching also eliminates geographic boundaries, and allows me to coach clients who I would not otherwise be able to work with.

To find out if coaching with me will be a good fit for you, contact me today to schedule a Discovery Session.

Life Coaching

All coaching packages include 3 coaching sessions per month. The last week of the month is always without a coaching session.

Support is provided between sessions. All coaching packages include check-in calls as needed, and unlimited email support.

Now is the time to move away from the past, and take action to create your future! Contact me.