How it works

How does coaching work?

Coaching typically consists of 2 monthly one-on-one sessions. These are set up as regular, recurring appointments. Most clients prefer in-person sessions at BHAC, but telephone sessions are also available. Your coaching journey will start by defining some of your initial goals at the initial complimentary Discovery Session.

You, the client, are more than capable of generating your own solutions, and you are always considered expert in your own life. As a trained coach, I can provide a discovery-based framework to create awareness and to help you design actions. As an ICF coach, there is strong emphasis put on your action, your accountability and your results.

Support is provided between sessions. All coaching packages include occasional check-in calls as needed, and email support.

To find out what type of coaching package might work for you, contact me today to schedule a Discovery Session.

Now is the time to move away from the past, and take action to create your future! Contact me.